Covid Centre Near Me Latest Updated 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world with its catastrophic effect, and the world has seen a new era of lockdown and social distancing. People always have to wear masks, use hand sanitizers, and search on Google by typing covid centers near me for the RT-PCR test. They are always in a troublesome condition, and as a result, they cannot live their life freely like before.  

But hang on as the doctors and scientists invented the long waited Covid vaccines across the globe. The vaccines are available in India for all adult people now. As India is witnessing the catastrophic effect of the Covid-19 second wave, it is necessary to take the two jabs as early as possible. Just do a quick Google search on private and government hospitals near you, and you will find multiple jab centers around your locality. 

But before that, you have to follow some specific steps. Besides, you might know that the government hospitals are giving the two doses for free, whereas the private institutions are charging between Rs. 780 to Rs. 1410 for one dose. It is an Indian government-regulated price rate, and you have to pay accordingly based on the vaccine type. So, if you want to learn more about covid vaccines, read the entire article to obtain accurate information.

Covid Vaccination Centre Near Me:

You will get numerous private and government vaccination centers if you search covid centers near me on Google or other search engines. Irrespective of whether you are in Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gujarat, or any other city or state of India, you will locate many governments and private hospitals where the slots are available. Google will assist you in finding the jab centers near your area. They are either within a walkable distance or just a few meters away from you. But you might have to travel far if the jab slots are not available in your local vaccination centers.  

The Government of India creates hassle-free jab centers finding facilities so that all eligible Indians can locate the centers, take the jab to fight against Covid-19, and make a safety chain in the country. But you might be querying, is there any other way to select the covid center near me? Well, yes, there are multiple ways to locate them, and you will get to learn about them in the upcoming segments. So, take your time and go through the entire writing to get all the valuable details on Covid-19 jab.

How To Find Covaxin And Covishield Vaccine Centre?

As discussed earlier, there are numerous ways to locate Covishield and Covaxin vaccine centers near your location. Now, the vaccination near you can be found easily with not just Google. The Indian government launched a unique platform called and an app called ArogyaSetu. They assist you in locating the centers nearby. But the government advises that people must enable their GPS while using them to get the most nearby vaccination center. You can book your preferred private or government jab centers at your convenient time by utilizing these platforms. 

So, you can see that this self-reliant facility has a significant role in Covid-19 vaccines. Alternatively, Paytm and Facebook also offer vaccination alerts if subscribed for the vaccine notifications. You can book the slots using them. So, as you might know, made by the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech, Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are the top two jabs used in India. The government has fixed the price for private institutions, but you will get the two doses for free in government centers. So, use your Facebook and Paytm account or visit the Cowin platform to locate a jab center. 

covid centre near me

Cowin Vaccination Centre Near Me Government & Private Hospital:

From the above segments, you can learn how to find the vaccination centers near your area. You can also filter your choices while subscribing to the alerts on platforms like Facebook, Paytm, and others for the Covid-19 vaccination slot. If you pick a Government jab center, you will get the Covaxin or Covid Shield free of cost. But the private hospitals demand Rs. 780 to Rs. 1410 depending on the vaccine you take. The Indian Government rates the Covaxin as Rs. 1410 and Covishield Rs. 780, and the price is inclusive of all taxes. But remember that the private vaccination centers only get 25% of the vaccine doses, which is very limited. So, never waste time booking the slot if you want to take the vaccine doses from a private hospital as the slots are insufficient.

Where To Register For Covid-19 Vaccination?

Suppose you have searched on the internet by typing covid vaccine near me and found multiple jab centers with available slots. But you cannot book the slot as you have to register yourself first with the appropriate document or ID. So, it is necessary to learn the registration process below before taking the jab.

Step 1: Open the Cowin website or the AarogyaSeva app.

Step 2: You will find the login or register button at the top right of the Cowin portal.

Step 3: Click on the login or register button and enter your mobile number.

Step 4: After that, click on the Get OTP button and wait for the OTP to come. Enter the six-digit number that you received on your mobile and tap on the verifying and proceed button.

Step 5: Now, you have to upload a photo ID card and enter your full name, age, birth date, gender, and other necessary details. You can provide any of the following ID cards.

  • Government ID or EPIC card
  • Aadhaar 
  • PAN card
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • NPR Smart Card
  • Pension Passbook

Note that you can register yourself and the other three persons by using a single mobile number.

How To Find The Covid-19 Vaccination Centers Near Me?

The finding of vaccination centers is hassle-free. Just sit at home and search on the internet to get the locations. With the assistance of Google Maps, you will obtain multiple institutions offering the jabs. Remember that the data are authentic as all MOHFW or the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare operates them. 

Besides, the Indian government also drives walk-in vaccinations. You can directly visit jab centers or hospitals and ask the authority to enroll your name and provide an appointment date. So, if you want to find your nearest Covid jab centers, follow the below steps to acquire real-time information. So, let us have a closer look at the following process.

Step 1: Take your smartphone and open the Google Maps application. 

Step 2: If you do not have the app, go to the play store, type Google Maps, download, and install it for use. Alternatively, you can use MapMyIndia also to obtain the same results. 

Step 3: Open the apps and type covid vaccine near me. The applications will give you a list of nearby centers.

You can also find the centers through the Cowin portal by providing postal codes or state and district names.

How To Download The Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

The Government of India will provide two vaccination certificates for the two separate doses. Downloading them is vital as the certificates are the only document of receiving the vaccine doses. The downloading steps are easy to understand. You can download using the Cowin platform or the AarogyaSetu app. After receiving the first jab, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number stating that your first dose of Covaxin, Covishield, or Sputnik V is successful. You will find a link attached to that SMS that directly redirects you to the Cowin website. The process is the same for the final dose as well. After that, you need to follow the below steps to get the certificate. 

Step 1: Click on the register or sign in option and type the registered mobile number.

Step 2: Then, hit the Get OTP button, and after getting the OTP, type it and tap on the verify and proceed button. 

Step 3: You will see your details and certificate option. Click on it to download the certificate.  

Step 4: You can also open the AarogyaSetu app and download the certificate by providing the beneficiary reference ID.

How To Get The Accurate And Most Advanced Information On Covid-19 Vaccination?

Since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of India and the Google team have worked hard to give real-time and accurate information on Covid and its vaccines. They do so to alert and safeguard people against this contagious virus. Google launched a unique feature called Exposure Notification API to enable contact tracing. 

As Covid is a new type of virus, people need to be well aware of its effects. Besides, people must be knowledgeable of the vaccination drive also. To vaccinate a large number of people, people should learn every detail, so they can educate the public regarding vaccines and remove their misconceptions and hesitance. As responsible citizens, we must offer help to those who cannot know the vaccination process, like where and how to get immunized.  

So, to do all these, you should educate yourself first by getting as much information as possible. But where do you get all the details? Well, for this, you can visit the official site of the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare or search on Google about the vaccination drive to get the accurate and latest info.

covid centres near me

How To Get Details On Current Covid-19 Cases In Your State And India?

There are plenty of ways to obtain details on current Covid-19 cases in your state and India. The easiest method is to utilize the AarogyaSetu app. All you need to do is the following.

  • Open the app and register yourself.
  • You will locate a Covid Updates tab just on the top of the application.
  • Click on it, and you will see the current details of active and recovered cases in your country.
  • You need to use the filter and select your state from the dropdown list to get your state’s Covid-19 information. 

You can also visit the official site of MOHFW to check the same. Besides, if you want to get info regarding vaccination status, go to the Cowin website and click on the platforms at the top of that page. Then, click on vaccination statistics to get the results. You can check the stats country or state-wise also. 

Apart from the above two, there is also a way to get the info. Just do a Google search on active and recovered Covid-19 cases. You will get the data country and state-wise. Whatever method you select, you will get accurate information on current Covid cases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding covid centers.

  • How do I locate Covid vaccine centers near my location?

You can find numerous Covid vaccine centers near your location by visiting the Alternatively, you can use platforms like Facebook, Paytm, and the ArogyaSetu app to locate them. But it is always advisable to turn on the GPS of your device to get better results. You can enter your state and district name, or else you can type your postal number to find the jab centers near you.

  • Is Covid vaccine free at all centers?

If you select a government hospital or vaccine center, you can get the doses for free. But you have to pay between Rs. 780 to Rs. 1410, if you take the jab from private hospitals. You can get the rate by checking on the Cowin platform and the ArogyaSetu app. 

  • Can I register at any center for vaccination?

Yes, you can do so. As registration is a must before taking the jabs, you need to enroll yourself first by giving your mobile number. All you require is to go to the Cowin website or the AtogyaSetu app and register the phone number with the necessary details like name, date of birth, gender and provide valid ID proof. Then, generate the OTP, and you are all done with the registration process.

  • What is the timing of Covidcenters?

The time depends on the center itself. Some hospitals or centers open the vaccination drive in the morning, whereas others begin it in the afternoon. But remember that no centers will offer 24X7 services.  

  • Can I register myself under on-spot service?

Yes, you can register yourself as the Government of India also allows walk-in vaccination. Just visit the nearest jab center and give your mobile number and any identity document to the center professionals. They will register your name on your behalf, and you can take the jabs at the end. 

  • Which documents do I need to carry to the centers?

If you have already registered yourself and booked your appointment, carry the ID card you have provided during registration and the beneficiary reference ID. But for walk-in vaccinations, you need to carry your Aadhar card.  

  • Can I take two jabs at separate centers?

Yes, you can do so. You can take the jabs either from the same hospital, or else you can opt for any other private or government centers as per your convenience.

  • Can I select the vaccine type from the centers?

No, you cannot do it. All the centers are getting a limited number of dosages. So, you have to take the jabs depending on their availability. But you can choose your preferred vaccine if you book your slot online. 

  • Can I get the vaccine certificate from the center?

No, you have to download it from or from the ArogyaSetu app. Besides, you can download the certificate from WhatsApp also. 

  • Are the vaccination centers open on Sunday?

If you want to take the jabs from private hospitals, they are open on Sundays. But you will not get that facility if you select a government vaccination center.  

  • Will the center inform me about the second dose?

No, they never inform you about that. But you will get an SMS from the health department before your second dose date.  

Wrapping It Up:

So, these are all the must-know details of Covid-19 disease and its vaccines. The researchers and scientists have worked hard to offer us a safe and secure life against this contagious virus. The vaccines are protected and can safeguard you against Covid-19. So, if you are still in doubt, check the above-discussed websites and apps to get all the information. If you do not want to rely upon anyone, go through this writing. You can find your nearest jab centers and book your slots yourself with ease. 

Besides, you do not have to put a lot of time and effort into doing this. So, do not hesitate to take the jabs and make a protection shield to defeat Covid. Remember that we must make a protective shield around our country and community to safeguard our loved ones. So, do a quick search on Covid center near me and book your preferred slots at your nearby private or government hospital.



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